50 Planets Trivia Questions and Answers

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Hello, space Geeks! Here is another ice-breaking planet trivia. How do you know about Mars, Venus, Jupiter, or any other planet? Can you bet on your planet’s competency? Well, give yourself a challenge and find out with our trivia questions.

The planets are one of the few topics with never-ending questions, improving your knowledge of planets. In this blog, we’ve compiled 50 planet-related questions with multiple choices. Thus, if you think you’re a space guru, check out and tackle the following questions.

Easy Questions: 1 to 10.

Medium Questions: 11 to 30

Hard Questions: 31 to 50

50 Planets Trivia Questions and Answers


#1. Excluding pluto, there are how many planets?

#2. In the solar system, which is the smallest planet?

#3. Which of these planets is the largest?

#4. Which is the hottest planet of all?

#5. Which two planets don't have moons?

#6. Which of these planets is referred to as a dwarf planet?

#7. So far, there are how many dwarf planets in the solar system?

#8. How many moons are on the planet Earth?

#9. Which is the sixth planet from the Sun?

#10. Which is the 2nd smallest planet in the solar system?

#11. On which planet can you find the Deimos and Phobos moons?

#12. Which planet has a ring system?

#13. Which planet comes third in the solar system from the Sun?

#14. On which planet can you find the Triton moon?

#15. Which planet is in the seventh position from the Sun?

#16. Which is Not a dwarf planet?

#17. Which planet has the shortest distance from the Sun?

#18. Where can you find the Titan Moon?

#19. Between Neptune and Saturn, which is larger?

#20. Which spacecraft visited Uranus planet?

#21. Which planet can be seen in a bright night sky?

#22. Which is the largest moon in Neptune?

#23. Which of these planets has the most moons?

#24. Which of these planets have supersonic winds?

#25. Which planet is regarded as the oldest in the solar system?

#26. When comparing Jupiter with Earth, how long is one year in Jupiter?

#27. Which of these planets has the fastest rotation?

#28. Which planet is regarded as the densest planet in the solar system?

#29. Which planet experiences the highest number of volcanoes?

#30. Which one is not among the "Gas Giant" planets?

#31. Which of these planets spins backward?

#32. The uranium chemical was named after which planet?

#33. Between Earth and Venus, which has more atmospheric pressure?

#34. Which planet is also known as the "Red Planet"?

#35. Originally, there were how many planets ( Including Pluto)?

#36. The Neptune planet has how many rings?

#37. Which two elements make up Jupiter?

#38. Which mineral makes Mar's soil and Atmosphere appear red?

#39. The Pluto planet has how many moons?

#40. Which planet experienced the largest volcano ever recorded?

#41. Mars has how many moons?

#42. Are there weather changes in Mercury?

#43. What is the other name for " Gas Giant" planets?

#44. Which was the first planet to be discovered by a telescope?

#45. The Venus clouds are made up of which chemical compound?

#46. How many Jupiters can fit inside the Sun?

#47. The Earth's planets have how many layers from the innermost to the outermost?

#48. Which of these moons is NOT Found in Jupiter?

#49. Which planet is referred to as the Morning/Evening star?

#50. Which of these is Not an Asteroid?


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