50 Cooking Trivia Questions and Answers

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We all love food, but few know how to prepare it.

 Are you looking for a perfect way to examine your cooking knowledge without doing it practically? You got one. Trivia questions are one of the best ways to gauge your cooking knowledge and show off your cooking skills.

This blog has compiled 50 common questions that will truly rate your cooking knowledge. Wear your cooking cap, grab a cup of coffee, and enjoy the challenge.

Easy Questions: 1 to 10.

Medium Questions: 11 to 30

Hard Questions: 31 to 50

50 Cooking Trivia Questions and Answers


#1. Frangipane is made by which type of nuts?

#2. Marinade ingredient called mirin is from which country?

#3. Which type of dish is taken together with Spanish Albarino wine?

#4. A Japanese wine called Sake is made from?

#5. Which type of meat is referred to as Poussian?

#6. Which fruits are used to make Cassis liqueur?

#7. Meat chopped in small pieces called lardons is referred to as?

#8. Which plant is first encrusted with sugar and then used by cooks to decorate cakes?

#9. Roti, commonly referred to as chapatti, is a traditionally made bread from which country?

#10. It is a fungus that produces alcohol during fermentation but is used in baking to make flour rise. What do we refer to?

#11. Cointreau, a french liqueur as which flavor?

#12. Plunging vegetables into boiling water briefly, then into cold water, is classified as which cooking term?

#13. Which Mediterranean island originated Halloumi cheese?

#14. What vegetable prepares a Swiss dish called Rosti?

#15. Which animal milk product makes manchego cheese?

#16. Which European country did Kirsch originate from?

#17. Rice is one of the common staple foods in the world. Which is not a type of rice?

#18. In which country do Bamboo shoots mostly use ingredients in dishes?

#19. Which season of the year is Panettone, an Italian cake prepared?

#20. Which region of the world uses a tagine as a cooking pot?

#21. Aberdeen Angus, Hereford, and Longhorn breeds produce which type of meat?

#22. For how long do you train in Japanese to be a proper sushi chef?

#23. Which drink, when the name kefir knows fermented?

#24. Which is not a type of cheese or a Scottish foodstuff?

#25. Nduja, a pork sausage, is found in which region?

#26. Which type of seeds is used to make Tahini ingredient?

#27. What type of food is referred to as Feta?

#28. Which fruits are used to make Cider?

#29. Besides shiitake and oyster, which is the other type of mushroom ingredient?

#30. Type of cake referred to as stollen is from which country?

#31. Which Caribbean island is associated with Jerk seasoning?

#32. Pilichard and Halibut are a type of which food?

#33. Which is the most expensive spice on earth by weight?

#34. According to researchers, which food disappears the most, particularly in Europe?

#35. Who invented the quick-freeze technique, popularly used to freeze meat and vegetables these days?

#36. What is made of the skin and bones of chickens, cows, pigs, and other animals?

#37. Calcium, Zinc, and Iron are contained in eggs. Which vitamins and minerals are not?

#38. Gasparini invented meringue from Switzerland. Which are the two main ingredients?

#39. What do we refer to as a large springy bread similar to a white loaf that originated from Tuscany?

#40. Is fougasse similar to Italy's focaccia bread, is what type of food?

#41. Whitby bun is flavored by?

#42. Malayali cuisine, South Indian cooking oil, what does it contain?

#43. Which country is the leading producer and exporter of mangoes?

#44. Bobotie is made of curried meat and fruits with a golden upper layer, and it is a national dish of which country in Africa?

#45. According to American Heart Association, how much egg whites intake is advised to eat in a day?

#46. Baked beans are made by which type of beans?

#47. Due to its high fat content ,to prevent rancidity, whole wheat flour is best stored in?

#48. A baking technique where you bake a crust without a filling is called?

#49. Which type of grain is used for gluten-free products?

#50. What name do we refer to a layered cake from Sweden?


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