50 Finance Trivia Questions and Answers

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Money makes the world go round, and so is Finance. It is the Pillar of your and my country’s economy. Thus, there’s a need to learn more about it.

Are you a financial nerd? Do you love anything related to Finance? Well, you came to the right place. If you’re adventuring in the finance world, this article covers you. It has teasing and interesting questions that will improve your finance and accounting knowledge.

Below are financial, investment, banking, and other financial-related questions. Test your finance knowledge by trying to tackle these questions.

Easy Questions: 1 to 10.

Medium Questions: 11 to 30

Hard Questions: 31 to 50

50 Finance Trivia Questions and Answers


#1. John owes Peter a debt. What is the name given to John?

#2. In Finance, ROI is a common term used to describe financial performance. What does R in the acronym stand for?

#3. ATM is a common machine in Accounting and Finance field. What does the letter T in ATM stand for?

#4. Which is the financial term for hiring your friends and relatives for specific positions?

#5. When was the NASDAQ (National Association of Securities Dealers Automated Quotations) founded?

#6. Which general term refers to a country's money in circulation or accepted medium of exchange?

#7. What do we call a document or paper that orders the bank to pay a specific amount of money to a specific individual(s)?

#8. Which is not an activity of the basic information processing model?

#9. What is the name given to the type of money exchanged digitally via the internet?

#10. There are how many rules of accounting regarding debit and credit.

#11. What do we call the resources owned by a business?

#12. Which side of the T account represents the debit side?

#13. What is the name given to the amount of money collected from the sale of goods and services?

#14. John owes Peter a debt. What is the name given to Peter?

#15. Which term best refers to the finance process of bringing a company to an end and redistributing assets?

#16. Which side of the T account represents the Credit side?

#17. Which of these is NOT a liability?

#18. What is a short-term unsecured loan, often with a high-interest rate, in which the borrower writes a posted-dated check to the lender on their projected work earnings and receives a portion of that predicted income in advance from the lender?

#19. Which of these terms refers to paying off a debt over time?

#20. What is the term of the shares into which a corporation's ownership is divided?

#21. Which was the first bank in Europe(1661) to issue banknotes?

#22. What is the term for the ownership of assets that may have debts or other liabilities associated with them?

#23. Which of the following is the system by which a government delivers money to a country's economy?

#24. Which of these words does not refer to the amount of capital a bank has to have as required by its financial regulator?

#25. What is the term for payment from a borrower to a lender of an amount over repayment of the principal sum at a specific rate?

#26. What is the name of the monetary system based on a fixed quantity of gold as the standard economic unit of account?

#27. What large Ohio university established the Accounting Hall of Fame in 1950?

#28. What is the name of the United States central banking system?

#29. What is the macroeconomic word for the total amount of money in an economy at any time?

#30. In macroeconomics, what is the definition of debt used to fund consumption rather than investment?

#31. What is the term for the amount of money that was originally invested or loaned?

#32. What is the name given to the money issued by a central bank by minting coins and printing banknotes?

#33. Which US Treasury Secretary featured on the no longer circulated $1,000 bill with the blue seal?

#34. What is the legal process by which people who cannot repay their creditors may seek relief from some or all of their debts?

#35. Which US president was on the no longer in circulation US $500 note with the green seal?

#36. What was the first European country to utilize paper money?

#37. What is the name given to a monetary measure of the market worth of all final goods and services produced in a certain time?

#38. What was the name of the United States' first paper money issue that reached widespread circulation?

#39. What is the name of the trust that permits one party to send money or resources to another party without immediately repaying the first party, creating a debt, but instead pledges to refund or return those resources later?

#40. Alloy is the mixture of metals typically used when making a coin.

#41. What do the I in IMF, iHOP, and ISS stand for?

#42. What is the name of the entity in economics and finance that administers a country's currency and money supply, often to manage inflation, interest rates, real GDP, or the unemployment rate?

#43. Michael Milken became popular in the 1980s by trading what type of bonds?

#44. What is a seller's payment request from a sale?

#45. Which financial statement depicts the outcomes of a company's operating activities over a certain period?

#46. What is the term for risk, which reflects entire market returns and cannot be reduced by diversification?

#47. The CAPM formula is theoretically used to calculate the expected or needed rate of return on a risky asset. What does the letter 'P' mean in CAPM?

#48. The Bank of China Tower is a well-known financial structure in what Chinese Special Administrative Region?

#49. Which of the following terms refers to a measure of a company's capacity to satisfy its short-term obligations with its most liquid assets?

#50. It is common practice in the financial and accounting industries to note which spreadsheet fields are "hard coded" by using what color font.


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