50 Trick Trivia Questions and Answers

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Have you ever come across a witty and tricky question? How was the experience? Some questions are tricky and have more complicated answers than they seem.

Trick questions are teasing and exciting at the same time. They are fun for friends, mates and even for the whole family. If you trust your competency in answering tricky questions, this article is for you! Put on your ‘magic’ cap and try to tackle these 50 questions.

All the best!

Easy Questions: 1 to 10.

Medium Questions: 11 to 30

Hard Questions: 31 to 50

50 Trick Trivia Questions and Answers


#1. What can you catch that is not thrown?

#2. What never arrives but is always coming?

#3. What gets wetter the more it dries?

#4. Which is the answer to this question?

#5. What has five fingers but does not have hands?

#6. What has teeth but does not bite?

#7. What always waves even if we don't say hello?

#8. Which word in the dictionary has an odd spelling?

#9. How many times can you cut anything to have half?

#10. Human beings can go for 200 days without sleep.

#11. How can you make "one" disappear?

#12. What has two hands and a face but no legs or hands?

#13. How many months have 28 days?

#14. I can run, but I can't walk. Who am I?

#15. Which item never asks questions but is always answered?

#16. What goes up and never comes down again?

#17. What will you find at the end of Rainbow?

#18. How many stars are there during daylight?

#19. Which is the simplest way to make a room full of people vanish?

#20. Which part of the body smells better than it tastes?

#21. Which letter is commonly used in "England"?

#22. I have three wheels, and I fly. What is my name?

#23. How many days of a year have 20 hours?

#24. Which word do people spell backwards?

#25. Moses entered with how many animals in the ark?

#26. What tree can do carry in your hand?

#27. An electric train is moving from west to east. Where will its smoke go?

#28. What has a head but no body?

#29. There are 20 fish, and half of them drown. How many fish are left behind?

#30. What becomes sharper the more you use it?

#31. Before the Pacific ocean was discovered, which was the biggest Ocean?

#32. What goes up when it starts raining?

#33. Where can we find an ocean without water?

#34. How many days of the week have the letter "T"?

#35. What is the name of the room with no walls?

#36. What has a neck but no head or body?

#37. What has one head and four legs?

#38. How many times can we subtract 10 from 100?

#39. There are how many sides in a house?

#40. Which word in the dictionary is spelled correctly?

#41. Which old number becomes even if you remove the letter "s" from it?

#42. What is so fragile that if you mention it, you'll beak it?

#43. If I eat, I'm well, but if I drink, I'll die. What is my name?

#44. What has many holes which can be filled with water?

#45. Which bird can lift the most weight?

#46. Who leads a football team when the assistant captain dies?

#47. There are how many sides in a circle?

#48. What falls but never breaks?

#49. What breaks but never falls?

#50. Four men are sitting on a chair. Three legs break, and two men leave. How many legs are left behind?


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