50 Trivia Questions and Answers for 2nd Grade

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Kids love asking endless questions, which can drive even the smartest guardian crazy! But there is a perfect way to turn the table around, trivia questions for 2nd Grade.

The 2nd Grade begins to lay a foundation for the kid’s future career direction and broaden his horizon. Trivia questions have proved to be an effective tool for boosting a child’s knowledge and confidence. This article has 50 trivia questions for 2nd Grade that will stretch your kids’ knowledge.

Easy Questions: 1 to 10.

Medium Questions: 11 to 30

Hard Questions: 31 to 50

50 Trivia Questions and Answers for 2nd Grade


#1. What is produced by bees?

#2. Which is the largest continent on Earth?

#3. Slug has how many noses?

#4. Complete the sentence. ______ is your name?

#5. A tricycle has how many wheels?

#6. Which is the fastest land animal?

#7. Choose the smallest country in the World.

#8. Three are how many dwarfs are in the Snow White film?

#9. What do we call a group of lions?

#10. Which fruit produces resins?

#11. There are how many days in a year?

#12. Which animals only eat flesh?

#13. There are how many days in a week?

#14. Which is the largest sea creature?

#15. A triangle has how many sides?

#16. What is the opposite of floating?

#17. A spider has how many legs?

#18. What do teachers use to write on a blackboard?

#19. How many teeth does an adult have?

#20. Where can you find The Great Pyramid of Giza?

#21. A kilogram is made up of how many grams?

#22. There are how many letters are there in the alphabet?

#23. What is the role of a thermometer?

#24. A square has how many sides?

#25. Where do people go to see so many animals?

#26. There are 500 cakes among 50 students. How many cakes does each student get?

#27. Which mammal can fly?

#28. What do we get if we add 11 to 9?

#29. Where do we get sugar from?

#30. Most of the school buses are painted. Which color?

#31. What comes before 119?

#32. The Sun rises to the west.

#33. Which is not a primary color?

#34. A honey bee has how many eyes?

#35. Which name is given to a female donkey?

#36. What do we call a group of zebras?

#37. Which of these birds can fly backward?

#38. What do we call animals with backbone?

#39. What is the name given to animals without a backbone?

#40. How many days did God create the World?

#41. There are how many books in the New Testament?

#42. Moses was given how many commandments in the bible?

#43. What helps the body in fighting diseases?

#44. Which is the loudest animal?

#45. Bee has how many pairs of wings?

#46. The rainbow has how many colors?

#47. Arachnophobia is the fear of what?

#48. There are how many continents on Earth?

#49. What can you get if you boil water at a high temperature?

#50. Which is the World's tallest mountain?


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