50 Trivia Questions and Answers about Summer

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Unlike other seasons, summer is associated with long days, which could be boring, thanks to summer trivia questions. There are endless lists of what you can do during this season, but playing summer trivia outshines everything. Flowers bloom, birds sing, and humans are happy because summer is here again.

Our trivia library is fully packed with summer questions that will break the monotony during this season. This article has 50 fun trivia questions that will keep you entertained this season.

Let’s play!

Easy Questions: 1 to 10.

Medium Questions: 11 to 30

Hard Questions: 31 to 50

50 Trivia Questions and Answers about Summer


#1. When does summer commerce in the Northern hemisphere?

#2. There are how many summer months in a year?

#3. When was the beach ball invented?

#4. Which is the highest summer temperature ever recorded in the United States?

#5. Watermelon contains how much water percentage?

#6. Which vitamin do we get during the summer season?

#7. Ice creams are common foods during summer. Where did they originate from?

#8. Which cloth is mostly bought in the US during summer?

#9. In which months are the summer Olympics held?

#10. Which US state has the hottest temperature during the summer season?

#11. Which is NOT a summer zodiac sign?

#12. When were ice creams invented?

#13. What does SPF stand for?

#14. In which country can you find the largest water park in the world?

#15. Summer solstice falls between which dates?

#16. Which country hosted the 2021 summer Olympics?

#17. Which is the most common ice cream flavor in the United States?

#18. Which summer day do we celebrate National Lemonade Day?

#19. Which is the hottest summer place on Earth?

#20. In which city is the Lollapalooza music festival held?

#21. Which is the oldest beach in America?

#22. Which of the following is Not a summer holiday?

#23. The birth rate is higher in the summer season.

#24. What do we call the process in which water turns into gas?

#25. Which country has the largest coastline?

#26. During summer, what do squirrels use to protect themselves from the sun?

#27. Which animal does not hibernate in summer?

#28. In which city was the Ice pop invented?

#29. Which country does not feature the sun on its flag?

#30. What does the term "season" mean?

#31. The term "season" originated from which country?

#32. Which country is the largest consumer of watermelon during summer periods?

#33. When is National Blueberry Month celebrated in the US?

#34. Which city hosts the UFO festival every July?

#35. When was the "The Boys of the Summer" song released?

#36. In which country are the students given 12 weeks off during the summer season?

#37. Fireworks are common during the summer season. Where did they originate from?

#38. When did July 4 become a holiday in the United States?

#39. Watermelon takes how long to grow?

#40. Approximately how many popsicles are sold annually?

#41. Which month in the US is referred to as National Ice Cream Month?

#42. Approximately, there are how many beaches in Australia?

#43. Where did the beach ball originate from?

#44. There are how many time zones in the United States?

#45. When was the year without summer because of the Mount Tambora eruption?

#46. Where did the Ice Cream Sandwich originate from?

#47. Which tree do goats climb every June in Morocco?

#48. The largest summer Bikini Parade took place in 2012. In which country did it take place?

#49. The Eiffel tower is believed to grow in height during summer.

#50. What was the height of the tallest summer bonfire ever recorded?


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