50 Random Questions and Answers Trivia

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Do you want to test your general knowledge? Or do you want to boost your general knowledge? Well, you’ve chosen the right article. Our questions collection will help you improve your capacity and polish your general knowledge skills.

We’ve compiled 50 questions ranging from easy to difficult that will be knowledgeable and entertaining. Besides being informative, our fun questions are pleasurable and thus contain all the fun questions needed for a fun trivia night. Check out the following questions and try to tackle them.

Easy Questions: 1 to 10.

Medium Questions: 11 to 30

Hard Questions: 31 to 50

50 Random Questions and Answers Trivia


#1. Who is the founder of Microsoft?

#2. Which African country was initially known as Abyssinia?

#3. Where can you find the Eiffel tower?

#4. Which of these is Not a Pokeman?

#5. Which Chemical symbol represents potassium?

#6. How many chemical elements are there?

#7. Brazil's flag has how many colors?

#8. When did the Titanic sink?

#9. Choose a perfect score in bowling.

#10. Trevi fountain is found in which city?

#11. Which is the most popular city in the World?

#12. The highest part of a mountain is known as?

#13. 12 Lane Arc De Triomphe is a famous roundabout found in which city?

#14. The tallest mountain in the World is known as?

#15. Jack Ma is the Richest man in continent Asia, and the CEO of which group?

#16. When was Microsoft Company launched?

#17. Which country has a capital city that has five a's on its name?

#18. Choose the largest planet in the solar system.

#19. Which mountain has the largest crater lake in the World?

#20. She was the first female bank president in the US and founded the African-American bank. What was her name?

#21. The capital city of New Zea land is known as the windiest city. What is its name?

#22. In which year was Bikini invented?

#23. Who's the CEO of Tesla company?

#24. Which city is also known as the "Queen of the Danube"?

#25. Which part of the body do we wear a "Busby"?

#26. Which is NOT an ingredient of ice cream?

#27. French fries originated from which country?

#28. What is the name given to the shirt with a very high and rolled collar?

#29. How many parts does a typical car have?

#30. Which car brand was the first to have laser beam headlights?

#31. Which Shakespeare's drama inspired the Lion King movie?

#32. Which is the 5th Zodiac sign?

#33. Choose the softest mineral in the World.

#34. There are how many ribs in a human body?

#35. Choose the smallest ocean in the World.

#36. Human eyes vary in color. Which is the most common eye color?

#37. Which was the first science fiction novel to be published?

#38. FIFA World Cup occurs after how long?

#39. Which of the following instruments originates from Indian Classical music?

#40. Which actor was slapped by Will Smith during the 94th Academy Awards?

#41. Choose the largest stadium in the World.

#42. Almost all countries have River (s) flowing through them, apart from one country. Which country is this?

#43. Which calendar officially marked January 1st as the New Year?

#44. Which among the following is the shortest player in NBA history?

#45. Amazon forest spans several forests. Which of the following is Not?

#46. Which Forest is regarded as the oldest Forest?

#47. What are the minimum points allowed for an opponent in the second half of an NBA match?

#48. There are how many sides in an Enneadacagon shape?

#49. Which planets in the solar system rains diamond?

#50. There are how many stars in the American flag?


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