50 Trivia Questions and Answers about Math

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Math doesn’t have to be about calculations all the time. There’s more in math other than complicated formulas and functions that are likely to take more than half of your booklet page. Did you know you could play fun games with math numbers? Math is one of the best topics that can bring schoolmates together.

Are you looking for icebreaker math questions that will put your knowledge to the test? You came to the right place. This article got you covered. We’ve compiled 50 math questions that will truly examine your proficiency in Mathematics. All the best! Let’s get started.

Easy Questions: 1 to 10.

Medium Questions: 11 to 30

Hard Questions: 31 to 50

50 Trivia Questions and Answers about Math


#1. What could be the square root of 625?

#2. The square root of 81 is?

#3. What is the cube root of 8?

#4. Which is not an even Number?

#5. What is 23 plus 21?

#6. There are 500 cakes among 50 students. How many cakes does each student get?

#7. Which number is referred to as the Magic Number?

#8. What would you get if you divided 49 by 7?

#9. What is the result of 13 times 5?

#10. Which value represents the square root of 144?

#11. What do we call a shape with six sides?

#12. A fraction's top number is known as a?

#13. What do we call a triangle with three equal angles and sides?

#14. What do we call a triangle with two equal sides?

#15. What value would you get if you divided 64 by 8?

#16. What do we call an angle that exceeds 90 degrees?

#17. What is the value of five to the power of zero?

#18. Octagon has how many sides?

#19. What value would you get if square five?

#20. Nonagon has how many sides?

#21. What are 13 times 13?

#22. There are how many milliliters in one liter?

#23. Which is the nearest whole number to 178.23?

#24. What is a whole number?

#25. There are how many years in one Century?

#26. Which letter is present in every odd number?

#27. What are the SI units (Basic units) for mass?

#28. Which is bigger, 81 or 9 squared?

#29. The right-angled triangle has three sides. Which is the longest?

#30. A dodecahedron has how many sides?

#31. Which polygon has only three sides?

#32. Pi has how many digits?

#33. A Googol is bigger than a billion.

#34. What do we call a straight line that touches a circle at a single point?

#35. If 9 is multiplied by N, it gives the result as 108. What is the value of N?

#36. A typical year has 365 days, whereas one Century has 100 years. How many days are there in one Century?

#37. What is Zero power zero?

#38. There are how many sides in an Enneadacagon shape?

#39. The use of negative numbers originated from which country?

#40. What do we call numbers that are in sequence?

#41. Which is the smallest perfect number?

#42. Which is the smallest fraction?

#43. In which country was the Arabic Numeral invented?

#44. Who invented Logarithms 50 in 1614?

#45. In which mountain can we find the oldest mathematical artifact?

#46. What does the mathematical term "Crore" mean?

#47. Which mathematician invented the equal sign?

#48. Which mathematician is recognized as the fastest human calculator who won Guinness World Record in 2001?

#49. Which mathematician invented the Butterfly effect that explains the randomness of nature?

#50. Who determined the diameter of the Earth?


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