50 Trivia Facts about Christmas

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Christmas is here with us. Trivia fun is back. Let’s smile. It’s another season to enjoy as you play fun Christmas trivia facts. To almost everybody, Christmas comes with some special preparations. How do you prepare for this amazing festive?

Playing Christmas trivia has always been the best way to prepare for your Christmas. This article has 50 icebreaker questions and facts that will ensure you know everything associated with Christmas.

Easy Questions: 1 to 10.

Medium Questions: 11 to 30

Hard Questions: 31 to 50

50 Trivia Facts about Christmas


#1. The term "Xmas" was invented in which century?

#2. Where in the United States was Christmas first made an official holiday?

#3. Mention a Christmas song that was written for Thanksgiving.

#4. On Christmas Eve, what do people always leave outside for Santa?

#5. Who is credited as the writer of 'A Christmas Carol'?

#6. There are how many ghosts in 'A Christmas Carol'?

#7. In which town was baby Jesus born?

#8. According to the traditions, what should people put on a Christmas tree?

#9. Eggnog is believed to have come from which country?

#10. Which Christmas song is known to be the best-selling?

#11. What is the other name given to Christmas trees?

#12. Christmas Island is found in which ocean?

#13. Mention a country that is said to be the largest Christmas tree exporter.

#14. What do they call Santa in France?

#15. Which is the name of Christmas Island's capital city?

#16. Mistletoe berries are of which color in particular?

#17. Who among the American presidents once banned Christmas trees from the White House?

#18. Babbo Natale is the name of Father Christmas. Which country calls him that name?

#19. In 1843, Sir Henry Cole produced a certain Christmas product. What was it?

#20. How do the Spanish people say Merry Christmas?

#21. Buddy the Elf likes all the toys except?

#22. What was the age of the girl that sang 'I want a Hippopotamus for Christmas'?

#23. What led the wise men toward where baby Jesus was born?

#24. Who delivered the news to Mary that she would give birth to Jesus?

#25. Who was Mary, the mother of Jesus, engaged to before she gave birth to Jesus?

#26. What is left out for Santa by Sweden kids?

#27. Santa Claus lives in which part of the world?

#28. What helps to keep Santa's suit warm?

#29. Name a country that was the first to begin the tradition of having a Christmas tree.

#30. Before the coming of the Christmas lights, what used to be put on Christmas trees?

#31. What is the most common way of shortening the word Christmas?

#32. What do the Germans say when they want to tell one 'Merry Christmas'?

#33. The longest candy cane in the world had how many feet?

#34. In which century was Christmas illegal to celebrate in England?

#35. Which nation is the world's biggest producer of Christmas trees?

#36. What is the world's ever biggest Christmas gift to be given out?

#37. Which Christmas song is the world's most recorded song?

#38. How would you be saying Merry Christmas if you came from Hawaii

#39. Which company is recognized for making Santa's red and white clothes popular?

#40. What is the name of the US state last to make Christmas an official festival?

#41. "Milk punch" is another name given to which beverage?

#42. Which among the following Christmas traditional decorations is said to be a parasitic plant?

#43. Who among Jesus' disciples betrayed Him?

#44. How many were the disciples of Jesus?

#45. The Grinch is of which color?

#46. How do we call the holiday immediately after Christmas?

#47. What is St. Nicholas' country of origin?

#48. What is the location of the nativity scene that is said to be the largest in the world?

#49. Christmas was almost stolen by which character in a storybook?

#50. Which among the following is not an ingredient for Christmas fudge?


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