50 Trivia for the New Year

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New Year is just around the corner! New Year, it’s time to party with friends and family as you witness the year transition. Sometimes waiting for 12:01 so that you can celebrate the New Year can be boring and tough. To avoid all these, you need to do something to keep yourself busy as you wait for the New Year.

If you’re looking for something or icebreakers that will keep you busy until midnight, then the trivia questions cover you. The trivia questions in this article provide a ton of New Year information and ideas that will keep the conversation alive until midnight.

Easy Questions: 1 to 10.

Medium Questions: 11 to 30

Hard Questions: 31 to 50

50 Trivia for the New Year


#1. In which year was the first New Year Ball dropped in Times Square?

#2. What is the diameter of the Time Square Ball used on New Year's Eve?

#3. What is the weight of the first Times Square Ball?

#4. On which date do many countries celebrate their New Year?

#5. The New Year is celebrated at the same time all over the World.

#6. Which country celebrates the New Year first?

#7. How many light bulbs surrounded the first Time Square New Year's Eve ball?

#8. The floats found in Rose Parade are made up of what?

#9. What marks a New Year in China?

#10. How many LED modules are there in the Times Square ball?

#11. Approximately how many Americans achieve their New Year's resolutions?

#12. All parts of the World celebrate New Year on the same date.

#13. How many people are in Times Square for New Year celebrations in a typical year?

#14. How many days do the Chinese New Year celebrations last?

#15. The New Year's Eve ball produces numerous colors during the new year. How many colors does it produce?

#16. Which month of the year gets its name from a Roman god?

#17. Initially, on which date did ancient Rome celebrate their New Year?

#18. Where did the fireworks celebrations begin?

#19. Which other name can be used to refer to the old year?

#20. How many triangles does a Time Square New Year's ball have?

#21. Which country begins its New Year after the river Nile floods?

#22. What seals the arrival of New Year's day in Alaska?

#23. In which country is wearing red underwear on New Year's Eve considered good luck?

#24. Which month do the Babylonians celebrate their New Year?

#25. So far, there have been how many versions of Time Square New Year's Eve ball?

#26. Which country got its independence on January 1st, 1803?

#27. On which date do many countries celebrate their New Year's Eve?

#28. Which calendar officially marked January 1st as the New Year?

#29. In Which country were eggs gifted on New Year's Day?

#30. Which year recorded the second Times Square New Year's Eve Ball?

#31. Which is the top New Year resolution of all time?

#32. Which one of the following is a symbol of the New Year in China?

#33. Which country hosted the earliest New Year celebrations (4,000 years ago)?

#34. What materials were used in making the first New Year's Eve Ball?

#35. Which newspaper company sponsored the first Times Square celebrations?

#36. When were the LED lights first used in Times Square Celebrations?

#37. Which country does not bake ring-shaped cakes and pastries to signify a New Year?

#38. What type of food do the Dutch believe will bring good luck in the new year?

#39. The first tournament of the Rose Parade was held in which year?

#40. When was January 1st officially declared as the new year?

#41. Which country believes eating grapes on New Year's Eve at midnight will bring good luck?

#42. The word "January" comes from the two-faced Roman god.

#43. What type of meat is served in Cuba and Portugal to signify prosperity and progress?

#44. Which country celebrates New Year's Day twice in the same year in different months?

#45. Initially, which type of metal was used in the Times Square New Year's Eve Ball?

#46. Which country bakes cakes and gives them to those who pass by on New Year's Eve?

#47. What type of drink is mostly served on New Year's Eve in America?

#48. Traditionally, what do the people of Denmark do to get many new friends in the coming year?

#49. In which country can you find the largest fireworks displays in the World?

#50. Which year was the knowledge of computer controls introduced in the Times Square Ball?


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