50 Trivia Questions and Answers about Sports

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Sport is popular in all corners of the Earth, and everyone wants to be recognized as a sports guru. How much do you know about sporting activities? Do you know all the ins and outs associated with sports? Well, this article will gauge your knowledge of sporting activities.

Sport is a huge topic covering several sporting activities such as soccer, basketball, the Olympics, and baseball. We’ve compiled common questions surrounding sporting activities; thus, this article will fully challenge your sports knowledge.

Here are 50 sports questions. Try to tackle them to gauge your sporting knowledge.

Easy Questions: 1 to 10.

Medium Questions: 11 to 30

Hard Questions: 31 to 50

50 Trivia Questions and Answers about Sports


#1. In a football match, there are how many players?

#2. Which Country has appeared in every World Cup soccer?

#3. The world's Olympics are held after how many years?

#4. A typical golf ball has how many dimples?

#5. What kind of sporting activity is called the "King of Sport"?

#6. Which is the oldest team in NFL history?

#7. How long does a football game take?

#8. Which of these clubs is Not a London Football Team?

#9. How many players does an NFL team have during the match?

#10. The marathon covers how many miles?

#11. Which football team is also known as The Old Lady?

#12. Which Country hosted the 2022 World Cup championships?

#13. Who founded NFL?

#14. Which NFL team is commonly referred to as the Vikings?

#15. Which player has the fastest goal in the history of the premier league?

#16. Tiger Wood is popular because of which sporting activity?

#17. Which Premier League players did not win the Golden Boot in the 2018-2019 season?

#18. Which sporting activity was officially introduced as an Olympic sport in 1896?

#19. The first Wimbledon tournament was held in which year?

#20. Which year was the first UEFA championship held?

#21. The longest recorded point took how many minutes(Tennis)?

#22. How many teams completed the inaugural Premier League season?

#23. FIFA World Cup occurs after how long?

#24. What is the size of the baseball?

#25. Which NBA team has won 8 consecutive championships awards?

#26. The first baseball was made of which material?

#27. Who was the first Premier League striker to score 100 goals for two different teams?

#28. The baseball match takes how many minutes

#29. The halftime of an NFL game lasts for how many minutes?

#30. The halftime of an NFL game lasts for how many minutes?

#31. What is the minimum time the team can stay in possession of the basketball before shooting?

#32. How many games are there in an NFL season?

#33. Who is Not a football commentator?

#34. Which US state has the NFL Hall of Fame?

#35. Which of the following NFL players has won the most Super Bowls awards?

#36. What are the minimum points allowed for an opponent in the second half of an NBA match?

#37. Who won the first World Cup Championship?

#38. When was the Women's Football Association established in England?

#39. Which African Country was the first to qualify for World Cup?

#40. What is the duration of the fastest goal scored in the history of the World Cup?

#41. Which jersey number is disallowed by the NBA?

#42. Which is NOT an Olympic motto?

#43. What is the name given to Paris Saint Germain stadium?

#44. Which color does NOT make up the Olympic rings?

#45. Which is the only sport that can be played on the moon?

#46. How many personal fouls will make a basketball player get removed from a game?

#47. How many inches is the diameter of the basketball hoop?

#48. Which basketball team won the first NBA match?

#49. In a baseball match, there are how many players?

#50. Muhammad Ali is famous because of which sporting activity?

#51. There are how many teams in the NBA league?


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