50 Trivia Questions and Answers about Food

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Food is a basic need for everyone and a passion for many. There are different food grown in different parts of the world, ranging from organic to luxurious foods. Playing fun food trivia is the best way to interact with your guest before the meal is ready.

We’ve compiled a set of easy, medium, and difficult questions that will guide you in examining your knowledge of foods. In addition, the trivia question will make you learn more about foods and balanced diets. It will truly test your knowledge of foods.

Easy Questions: 1 to 10.

Medium Questions: 11 to 30

Hard Questions: 31 to 50

50 Trivia Questions and Answers about Food


#1. Which is the most famous spice in the world?

#2. Which fruits have seeds on their outside?

#3. Which soft drink was invented in 1892?

#4. Which is the hottest part of a chili?

#5. Which was the first food to be eaten in Space?

#6. French fries originated from which country?

#7. Which is the only vitamin that is NOT found in eggs?

#8. Most foods expire or go bad after some time. Which one does NOT?

#9. Which was the birthplace of cheeseburgers?

#10. Approximately how many burgers are eaten annually in America?

#11. What percentage of water makes up the cucumber?

#12. Which food is widely eaten in all parts of the world?

#13. Peanut belongs to which class of foods?

#14. Which cheese is used in making the Reuben sandwich?

#15. Which is the most eaten meat in the world?

#16. Which seafood is frequently ordered?

#17. In which country can you find the most potatoes?

#18. The garbanzo beans are also known as?

#19. What is the main nutrient in Spinach?

#20. Which food is mostly stolen?

#21. Which phrase can best describe Yogurt?

#22. What is the main ingredient in the Zombie alcoholic drink?

#23. Which of the following dish is NOT made of seafood?

#24. Where is the origin of Kaiserscgmaarn?

#25. Which country produces the most bananas?

#26. Spices come at different prices. Which is the most expensive?

#27. The deep-dish pizza originates from which country?

#28. Challah bread is associated with which religion?

#29. McDonald's is a food store that was opened on?

#30. Where were the chocolate chip cookies invented?

#31. Which is Not a variety of pepper?

#32. Which pizza topping is commonly used in America?

#33. Which is Not a type of bean?

#34. Which is the Most common food for breakfast in the world?

#35. Which US state grows coffee?

#36. The apple tree takes how many years to bear fruits?

#37. What is the main ingridient in Jell-O?

#38. Which is the top-selling Vodka brand in the world?

#39. There are how many spots in the Dominoe's pizza logo?

#40. Caesar salad originated from which country?

#41. Which type of nuts are used in making the Marzipan?

#42. Which is NOT an ingredient of ice cream?

#43. Which was the first plant to be grown in Space?

#44. Which type of pepper is the most traded spice in the world?

#45. Which vegetable is NOT used in making V-8 juice?

#46. Which is Not a type of root vegetable?

#47. How many varieties of avocados are there?

#48. In which country were the strawberries first grown?

#49. Vodka, lime juice, and triple sec are ingredients in which type of drink?

#50. Vichyssoise is a common food in several places. What is its main ingredient?


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Final Thoughts

I hope you have learned new ideas about food. Which food did you find easy to answer its trivia? You can share the trivia with your friends and challenge their obscure food knowledge.

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