50 Trivia Questions and Answers about Asia

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Yes, you know that Asia is the world’s largest continent. But what else do you know about this continent of diverse cultures, foods, history, beaches, and mountains? Would you be interested in testing how much you know about Asia? Then quit worrying because this article is your perfect destination.

This article contains 50 fascinating questions and answers to test how much you know about Asia. However, you shouldn’t be scared by the questions since it will also be your chance to discover and learn new facts about this borderless continent. Oh, one more thing, please don’t cheat.

Easy Questions: 1 to 10.

Medium Questions: 11 to 30

Hard Questions: 31 to 50

50 Trivia Questions and Answers about Asia


#1. Where does the famous hound's breed come from

#2. Bode of Peace' is a term used when referring to which country?

#3. Which of the following countries was formerly known as Siam?

#4. The 1972 Winter Olympics were hosted in which of the following Japanese cities?

#5. Which of the countries below used to go by the name Burma?

#6. In which Asian country is the Deccan Plateau located?

#7. What is the capital city of Japan?

#8. In which year was Burma's name changed?

#9. Whose capital city is Taipei

#10. Pick an Asian country among the following countries.

#11. When was Bombay's name converted to Mumbai?

#12. In which country is Sentosa island found?

#13. Name the Sea between China and Korea.

#14. Persia was the name of which country in Asia?

#15. What is the number of Islands in the Philippines?

#16. Which of the following is China's unlucky number?

#17. In which continent will you find Mount Everest?

#18. Which of the following is said to be the only Christian country in Asia

#19. Name Asia's longest river.

#20. Name the country whose capital is Seoul

#21. In which of the following Asian countries will you find the Mekong Delta

#22. When were the Summer Olympics hosted in Tokyo?

#23. Name the most populated country in Asia.

#24. Mention a country whose capital city is Dhaka.

#25. Which of the following Asian countries is the largest in terms of the area covered?

#26. Mention the largest Asian island.

#27. There are how many of the world's most populated countries in Asia?

#28. Name a city in Asia that was previously called Krung Threp

#29. Name the world's most populated continent.

#30. The Cameron islands are located in which country?

#31. Between 1947 and 1972, what Bangladesh used to be called?

#32. The Ngultrum is which country's official currency?

#33. Which among the following is not Asian traditional religion?

#34. Whose country's main port is called Chittagong?

#35. Which country colonized Malaysia?

#36. In which year did India become an independent state?

#37. Malaysia became an independent state in which year?

#38. Name China's capital city

#39. In which of the following countries would one find Kuala Lumpur?

#40. Who is India's Prime Minister as of 2023?

#41. Which country was formally known as Khmer Empire?

#42. Name the Sea that can be found in northern Iran.

#43. The Thar desert is found in how many countries?

#44. What is the name of the capital city of Singapore?

#45. What is the original homeland of the Gurkhas?

#46. Chachoengsao is the capital of which country?

#47. How many rivers are found in Tonga?

#48. Ultan Bator is the capital city of which country?

#49. Name the highest mountain found in Japan.

#50. Which countries share a border with Vietnam, Laos, and Thailand?


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