50 Trivia Questions and Answers about Europe

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Have you been thinking of trying a trivia about Europe? Or are you always so much into Europe? Then this trivia has been waiting for you. It is a collection of 50 questions and answers about Europe, its stunning natural sceneries, its long beaches, and most importantly, its friendly and welcoming people. These fun questions will make you consider yourself a pro in European facts and affairs.   

Nicknamed The Old Continent, Europe is home to thriving cities and some of the ancient world’s civilizations. Its long and fascinating history cannot be ignored. So let’s get started.

Easy Questions: 1 to 10.

Medium Questions: 11 to 30

Hard Questions: 31 to 50

50 Trivia Questions and Answers about Europe


#1. Strasbourg city will be found in which country?

#2. Name the most northerly Soviet Baltic former State.

#3. Transylvania is found in which country?

#4. Name the sea that lies between Croatia and Italy.

#5. What is the dominating language in the United Kingdom?

#6. Faroe islands belong to which of the following countries?

#7. Name a country that is found between France and Spain.

#8. Mention a city in France that is also called the Pink City.

#9. What is the height of Mont Blanc?

#10. Which of the following countries shares a border with Ukraine and Romania?

#11. Slovakia shares a border with how many countries?

#12. Chelsea is a football team found in which country?

#13. What is European's most populous capital city?

#14. Whose country's capital is called Warsaw?

#15. Lake Annecy is located in which country?

#16. In which country would you find Lake Bohinj?

#17. Select a non-European country among the following.

#18. Flamenco dancing comes from which country?

#19. What are the people from Europe called?

#20. Name a former UK member that turned into a republic in 1949.

#21. How many national languages are in Switzerland?

#22. How many colors are on the flag of Germany?

#23. Select a country that is not a member of the United Kingdom.

#24. How many colors would one find on the flag of England?

#25. Which of the colors is on England's flag?

#26. Which color will not be found on the flag of Germany?

#27. Which sea is found between Africa and Europe?

#28. Name the European country that colonized the United States.

#29. Who is the supreme leader of the United Kingdom?

#30. Which ocean will be found between N. America and Europe?

#31. The European continent is made up of how many countries?

#32. Could you name the European country that won the FIFA World Cup in 2018?

#33. Name the smallest European country.

#34. Tourists are mostly attracted by which of the following European countries?

#35. What is the number of countries in the European Union?

#36. The Brexit Referendum was conducted in which year?

#37. The Manneken Pis would be found in which city?

#38. Select a country that doesn't share a border with Czechia.

#39. The Danube does not flow in which of the following countries?

#40. When was the Berlin Conference held?

#41. Name the tallest mountain in Italy.

#42. Which European country colonized South Africa?

#43. Name the most populated country in Europe.

#44. What is the busiest city in Italy?

#45. What is the capital city of Germany?

#46. Who succeeded Queen Elizabeth II?

#47. Which airport is the busiest in Germany?

#48. Can you name the largest stadium in Europe?

#49. Where was Pizza invented?

#50. In which year was the French Revolution started?


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