50 Trivia Questions and Answers about Korea

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Korea, a 1200 km long peninsula, is best known for its friendly people, picturesque natural sceneries, century-old temples, miles and miles of fascinating beaches, and countless islands. Wait, did I mention the greatness of trying trivia based on Korean facts?

This article has 50 well-researched trivia questions and answers, all for you. The article allows you to either test how much you know about Korea or learn new mind-boggling facts about this wonderful country. So take your time and enjoy the article.

Easy Questions: 1 to 10.

Medium Questions: 11 to 30

Hard Questions: 31 to 50

50 Trivia Questions and Answers about Korea


#1. Which water body surrounds the Korean Peninsula to the west?

#2. Which one among the following countries borders the Korean Peninsula to the north?

#3. Name the island in Korea often referred to as the "Hawaii of "Korea."

#4. Korea's shape is mostly compared to which animal?

#5. What is Korea's popular traditional sport?

#6. Name the Asian country that is landlocked and whose size is similar to Korean Peninsula.

#7. What does 'Anyang-Haseyo' mean in English?

#8. Name a city in Korea that hosted the Asians Games in 2002.

#9. What is the Korean Peninsula's tallest peak?

#10. Which foreign country has the biggest population of Koreans?

#11. In which year did the Kwangju Massacre happen?

#12. What is the total area of North Korea?

#13. What is the dominant religion in Korea?

#14. In which continent can one find Korea?

#15. Which of the following is a Korean capital?

#16. Which of the following is the official name of South Korea?

#17. Name the currency used by South Koreans

#18. What is the name of Korea's largest island?

#19. Which name is used to refer to the traditional Korean costume?

#20. South Korea became a democracy in which year?

#21. South Korea shares a border with how many countries?

#22. Korea was under which country during the second world war?

#23. What is the English meaning of the word "Eomma"?

#24. The Korean war came to an end during which year?

#25. Which of the following is North Korea's capital city?

#26. Which Korean animal is used to symbolize a long life?

#27. Which of the following is the Korean telephone code?

#28. The 1988 Olympics were held in which city?

#29. What country would a sailer who sails from the west of Japan hit?

#30. Currently, who is North Korea's president?

#31. Hallasan Mountain is situated in which of the following places?

#32. Double Eyelid Surgery is popular in which of the following countries?

#33. What is Korea's unlucky number?

#34. The way of the foot and fist' refers to which Korean martial art?

#35. Which of the following languages is not the main language in South Korea?

#36. In terms of area, how big is south Korea?

#37. What is the English translation of the name Seoul?

#38. What is the official language in South Korea?

#39. How long is the coastline of South Korea?

#40. Name a popular Korean dish.

#41. The Korean high-speed railway is commonly known as?

#42. What is the presidential term limit in South Korea?

#43. Name the longest river in South Korea.

#44. Who is the current president of South Korea, 2023

#45. What is the longest river in Korea?

#46. Who is the head coach of the South Korea National football team?

#47. Which of the following houses is part of the South Korean legislature?

#48. Which name is given to the flag of South Korea?

#49. Name the Highest mountain in South Korea.


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